Ladies and Gentleman, she’s here! The unique, one and only. The goddess of sin. Evita Mansfield! Don’t try to resist to her charms… because you can’t!
Evita Mansfield is an expert in the arts of seduction.

She is the most important burlesque performer in Spain and she is well known internationally. She has performed for different companies such as Monster, Cutty Shark, Bibian Blue and Gramona. Also in different private parties like a private party for Ricardo Bofill, various opening for famous clubs like Boo Beach Club, owned by Santi Millán and thousands of venues in Istanbul, Napoli, Palermo, Roma, Milan, Florence, Hamburg, Munich, Berlin, Geneva, London and all around Spain.

She has also been invited to the International Burlesque Festivals in London and Milan and she is the favorite national burlesque performer at Taboo Barcelona Burlesque Nights. She has been interviewed in “Para todos la dos” on TV and “Entrelinies” also on TV, apart from a lot of interviews and magazine covers like Vogue Sicilia, Pin Up America, Timeour, El País, El Mundo, Miniguidem Què fem, Custome Garage, Tendencies, good2be, waauu, Nice People Barcelona and a lot more. A huge number of photographers have had of taking pictures to her and she has a lot of amazing photo shoots.

– The new star of Paral·lel. El Periódico
-Evita Mansfield proves that local product already offers a very high level and she makes the audience go crazy with her curves and her exquisite costume. TABOO
-Evita Mansfield, sophisticated and angelic. Her body is like poison. LECOOL.
-In Good2B we had the pleasure to interview one of the most shameless dancers around the world.
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